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What Can Talent Assessment Do For You ?

Our talent assessment system(s) are designed for small to large organizations who want to select the right person for the job, enhance their performance, retain them and inprove their leadership skills. A wide variety of organizations worldwide now rely on these tools for selection, coaching and maximizing human capital!

Use of our assessments has repeatedly resulted in extraordinary increases in productivity while reducing employee relations problems, turnover, stress, tension, conflict and overall human resources expenses. These results can impact both your top and your bottom lines!

We Can Identify Your Talent Assessment and
Development Needs
In the All Of The Following Areas

Assessment Before You Hire or Promote
  • Pre-employment Background Checks
  • Pre-employment Integrity Screens
  • Behavioral Screening & Interviewing
  • Individual Job Fit
  • Specialized Sales Selection
  • Specialized Service Selection

Assessment On The Job

  • 360 Feedback & Evaluation
  • Key Performance Issues
  • Team Leader Effectiveness
  • Team Member/Leader Compatibility
  • Executive Effectiveness
  • Executive Coaching Support

Organization Wide Assessment

  • Organization Leadership Analysis
  • Succession & Replacement Planning
  • Bench Strength Analysis
  • Culture and Morale Surveys

Plan Your Organization Development Areas

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